At the Kicklighter Company, we make our clients feel comfortable from start to finish. This is a direct result of our experience – we’ve been here before. Whether we’re renovating classrooms and dorms for universities or upgrading a local hospital, every project is met with unmatched customer service, a commitment to meeting deadlines, and the highest standard of quality. We are prepared for unforeseen challenges and obstacles that may arise because of our extensive knowledge, and this preparedness allows us to meet each project with the highest standard we are known for.


Our experience in a wide range of markets has given us the skills needed to complete any project we’re tasked with.


We’ve worked with the best hospitals, surgery centers and medical facilities in the lowcountry, from small patient room renovations to massive surgery center buildouts. Because of our vast experience in the healthcare sector, we have a deep understanding of the challenges that in- and out-patient facilities can present. We consistently deliver create methods for dealing with these challenges.


The Kicklighter Group has touched all elements of the education sector, from custom classroom buildouts and dorm halls to technology labs and faculty offices. We know that deadlines are of paramount importance when school facilities are involved, as academic calendars cannot be adjusted. Our goal is to ensure teachers can serve their students in the best education spaces possible.


In the commercial market, first impressions are everything: Managing a property’s appearance maximizes its value. The condition of your building says everything about who you are as an institution. We love collaborating with designers and architects to ensure our clients’ projects not only have rock solid foundations but are also expertly executed to their standards. We’ve worked on projects where appearances matter most, including car dealerships, restaurants and shopping centers.

Historic Renovation & Preservation

America’s low country is steeped in history, from buildings dating back to the 1600s to centuries-old landmarks with original brick- and ironwork facades. To us, progress on an historic project means preserving as many original features as possible. We excel in retrofitting historic structures by identifying critical components that can remain, replacing those that can cannot, and maintaining structural integrity while upholding historic value.

Corporate Facilities

The best leaders know their employees need environments that let them thrive. We collaborate closely with business owners to build workspaces that take into account the specific demands and cultures of their offices, whether that’s a startup or a 50-year-old company. By constructing spaces that foster creativity, collaboration and productivity, we help businesses reach a new level of potential.