SCAD – Clark Hall

One of the most historically significant and rewarding projects in the history of The Kicklighter Company is the renovation of Clark Hall (formerly known as Eichberg Hall). Originally built in the 1880’s as a railway depot for Central of Georgia Railroad, the structure is registered as a National Historic Landmark as the largest extant railroad depot in the United States. Now home to SCAD’s Building Arts department, we fully renovated the building to include new flooring, woodwork, ceilings, lighting, HVAC, and finishes throughout the interior of the building. On the exterior, we touched up the existing brick and added new wood finishes. The construction created a building mostly full of classrooms, faculty offices, and state-of-the-art labs. The interior is complete with modern, bright finishes that are highly energy-efficient and sustainable. These modern looks combined with the original, rustic exterior brick create a perfect showcase of architectural progress and preservation. Also included in the project’s renovation was the creation of SCAD Beach, an outdoor space for students to enjoy, and a terrace which is commonly used for SCAD events such as the annual SCAD Fashion Show.

SCAD - Alexander Hall
SCAD - Poetter Hall